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Stockings and hold ups

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Gabriella Calze Nina 210

Gabriella Calze Nina 210£6.99   £5.49

Black Cream White

Gabriella Calze Lux 202

Gabriella Calze Lux 202£6.49


Black Cream White

Gabriella Calze 200

Gabriella Calze 200£6.99


Black Cream White

Gabriella Calze Exclusive 201

Gabriella Calze Exclusive 201£7.49


Black Cream White

Gabriella Calze Meryl 224 Hold Ups

Gabriella Calze Meryl 224 Hold Ups£9.99   £8.99

Black White

Gabriella Calze Carla 246

Gabriella Calze Carla 246£10.99   £9.99

Roza Genezis hold-ups

Roza Genezis hold-ups£9.99

Black White

Roza Frosa Hold-ups Black

Roza Frosa Hold-ups Black£12.99   £11.99

Roza Frosa Hold-ups White

Roza Frosa Hold-ups White£12.99   £11.99

Ballerina 120 Hold up stockings

Ballerina 120 Hold up stockings£12.49

Ballerina 255 Hold up stockings

Ballerina 255 Hold up stockings£12.99

Roza Efi Hold-ups

Roza Efi Hold-ups£12.99

Roza Solaris Black stockings

Roza Solaris Black stockings£12.99

Gabriella Calze Blue Night 219

Gabriella Calze Blue Night 219£14.99   £13.99

Gabriella Calze Shadow 220

Gabriella Calze Shadow 220£14.99   £13.99

Roza Rufina Stockings

Roza Rufina Stockings£13.99

Ballerina 325 Hold Ups

Ballerina 325 Hold Ups£14.49

Ballerina 314B Hold Ups

Ballerina 314B Hold Ups£14.99

Ballerina 317 Hold Ups

Ballerina 317 Hold Ups£14.99

Ballerina 319 Hold Ups

Ballerina 319 Hold Ups£14.99

Ballerina 323 Hold Ups

Ballerina 323 Hold Ups£16.99


Page 1 of 1:    41 Items
Gorgeous stockings and hold ups from Gabriella, Ballerina and Roza for everyday or to complete your bridal lingerie