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Silk Nightwear

Made to measure silk nightwear from Diki by Diane Rubach and silk nightdresses, pyjamas and dressing gowns from Anne Wiggins.

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Diki Carmen Chemise

Diki Carmen Chemise£220.00

Diki Caroline Chemise

Diki Caroline Chemise£220.00

Diki Christelle Chemise

Diki Christelle Chemise£220.00

Diki Giselle Chemise

Diki Giselle Chemise£220.00

Diki Veronique Chemise

Diki Veronique Chemise£220.00

Diki Carmen Teddy

Diki Carmen Teddy£205.00

Diki Caroline Jacket

Diki Caroline Jacket£205.00

Diki Christelle Jacket

Diki Christelle Jacket£205.00

Diki Giselle Jacket

Diki Giselle Jacket£205.00

Diki Veronique Jacket

Diki Veronique Jacket£205.00

Diki Veronique Teddy

Diki Veronique Teddy£205.00

Diki Carmen Soft Basque

Diki Carmen Soft Basque£180.00

Diki Caroline Teddy

Diki Caroline Teddy£180.00

Diki Christelle Soft basque

Diki Christelle Soft basque£180.00

Diki Christelle Teddy

Diki Christelle Teddy£180.00

Diki Giselle Soft Basque

Diki Giselle Soft Basque£180.00

Diki Giselle Teddy

Diki Giselle Teddy£180.00

Diki Veronique Soft basque

Diki Veronique Soft basque£180.00

Diki Carmen Camisole

Diki Carmen Camisole£140.00

Diki Caroline Camisole

Diki Caroline Camisole£140.00

Diki Christelle Camisole

Diki Christelle Camisole£140.00

Diki Giselle Camisole

Diki Giselle Camisole£140.00

Diki Veronique Camisole

Diki Veronique Camisole£140.00


Page 1 of 1:    23 Items