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Buying Guide for Men

All our ranges, other than the Dominique brand, come beautifully packaged, making them easy to buy as a gift, but how do you decide what to buy that special person  in your life? Here are a few tips to help:

  1. Buy her something that she will actually wear and won't be offended by. Whilst she will probably expect you to buy something more glamorous than her normal everyday wear don't move too far from what she already has. Open crotch knickers or open cup bras are fine if she already has sexy undies, but otherwise to be avoided.
  2. We have laid out our website to help you select your perfect gift. Our classic collections are safe bets for gifts that she will wear on a daily basis. The boudoir collection is for that special occasion, and our "naughtybut nice" category for the sexy woman in your life.
  3. Women also love matching sets. Most women don't own more than one matching bra & panties set, so buying a set makes the items a little bit more special.
  4. If she doesn't wear thongs it is probably because she doesn't like them, so in that case buy something else
  5. If you are not sure what colour she likes stick to black or white
  6. Just remember that you don't have to stick with bra & panties. You can also look at basques camisoles, and babydolls, especially for special occasions.
  7. The best way to find your partners bra size is to have a root through her drawers (pardon the pun). Look for her favourite bra, check the label for the size and make a note of it. Check her panties size as well; these usually work on a small, medium, large scale. Remember the fashion industry assumes everyone is smaller than they actually are, so although size 14 is an average size for women today this usually converts to Large. See our size chart for more detail if you are not sure. There is also a size chart on every product page underneath the picture which is specific to that piece of lingerie
  8. If you still need help then email or call us for help and ideas. Details on our contact page
  9. Finally remember to bookmark this site so if, as we expect, she is delighted with what you have bought you can find us again.
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