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Diki - hand made silk lingerie, by Diane Rubach

The Diki by Diane Rubach lingerie collection includes luxurious satins in the most delicate shades which are beautifully flattering and have exquisite applique laces.

Diki lingerie silk garments are available in gorgeous jewel colours. Nightdresses, Chemises, Camisoles, Briefs,G-strings, French Knickers, Suspender Belts, Teddies, Bras, Basques and Boned Bodices, all beautifully cut and graded to flatter, in sizes 8-30, handmade to your measurements.

A selection of the range is showing here and more will be added to the website soon, If you have seen an item you like anywhere else please let us know and we will be delighted to order it for you.

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Diki Carmen Chemise

Diki Carmen Chemise£220.00

Diki Caroline Chemise

Diki Caroline Chemise£220.00

Diki Christelle Chemise

Diki Christelle Chemise£220.00

Diki Giselle Chemise

Diki Giselle Chemise£220.00

Diki Veronique Chemise

Diki Veronique Chemise£220.00

Diki Carmen Teddy

Diki Carmen Teddy£205.00

Diki Caroline Jacket

Diki Caroline Jacket£205.00

Diki Christelle Jacket

Diki Christelle Jacket£205.00

Diki Giselle Jacket

Diki Giselle Jacket£205.00

Diki Veronique Jacket

Diki Veronique Jacket£205.00

Diki Veronique Teddy

Diki Veronique Teddy£205.00

Diki Carmen Soft Basque

Diki Carmen Soft Basque£180.00

Diki Caroline Teddy

Diki Caroline Teddy£180.00

Diki Christelle Soft basque

Diki Christelle Soft basque£180.00

Diki Christelle Teddy

Diki Christelle Teddy£180.00

Diki Giselle Soft Basque

Diki Giselle Soft Basque£180.00

Diki Giselle Teddy

Diki Giselle Teddy£180.00

Diki Veronique Soft basque

Diki Veronique Soft basque£180.00

Diki Carmen Camisole

Diki Carmen Camisole£140.00

Diki Carmen French Knickers

Diki Carmen French Knickers£140.00

Diki Caroline Bra

Diki Caroline Bra£140.00

Diki Caroline Camisole

Diki Caroline Camisole£140.00

Diki Christelle Bra

Diki Christelle Bra£140.00

Diki Christelle Camisole

Diki Christelle Camisole£140.00

Diki Giselle Bra

Diki Giselle Bra£140.00

Diki Giselle Camisole

Diki Giselle Camisole£140.00

Diki Giselle Suspender belt

Diki Giselle Suspender belt£140.00

Diki Veronique Bra

Diki Veronique Bra£140.00

Diki Veronique Camisole

Diki Veronique Camisole£140.00

Diki Carmen Brief

Diki Carmen Brief£89.95

Diki Carmen Thong

Diki Carmen Thong£89.95

Diki Caroline Brief

Diki Caroline Brief£89.95

Diki Caroline Thong

Diki Caroline Thong£89.95

Diki Christelle Brief

Diki Christelle Brief£89.95

Diki Christelle Thong

Diki Christelle Thong£89.95

Diki Giselle Brief

Diki Giselle Brief£89.95

Diki Giselle Thong

Diki Giselle Thong£89.95

Diki Veronique Brief

Diki Veronique Brief£89.95

Diki Veronique Thong

Diki Veronique Thong£89.95


Page 1 of 1:    46 Items