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Bridal Lingerie

Bridal Lingerie for your wedding day. Corsets, Basques, Separates and sets.

Beautiful quality from Corin, Dominique, Gracya, and Roza .

Complete the look with matching stockings from Ballerina and Gabriella

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Gracya Anastasia Corset

Gracya Anastasia Corset£89.95

Gracya Juliette Corset

Gracya Juliette Corset£89.95

Gracya Miette Corset

Gracya Miette Corset£89.95

Gracya Crystal Basque

Gracya Crystal Basque£69.95

Dominique 7750 Low Back Basque

Dominique 7750 Low Back Basque£61.95


Black Cream White

Gracya Rokoko set

Gracya Rokoko set£53.97   £49.95

Corin Charlotte Strapless Half Cup Bra

Corin Charlotte Strapless Half Cup Bra£49.95   £45.95

Gracya Madonna Bra

Gracya Madonna Bra£44.99

Gracya Jonquil Bra

Gracya Jonquil Bra£44.95


Cream White

Gracya Paola Corset

Gracya Paola Corset£44.95

Gracya Wenecja Corset

Gracya Wenecja Corset£44.95

Gracya Naomi Body

Gracya Naomi Body£37.99

Corin Xenia Strapless Half Cup Bra

Corin Xenia Strapless Half Cup Bra£39.99   £36.99

Corin Queen Full Bra

Corin Queen Full Bra£37.99   £32.99

Irall Isolde Nightdress

Irall Isolde Nightdress£34.99   £32.99

Dominique 6377 backless satin longline bra[1]

Dominique 6377 backless satin longline bra[1]£47.99   £29.99

Black Cream White

Gracya Paola Corset[1]

Gracya Paola Corset[1]£49.99   £29.99

Gracya Rokoko II Bra

Gracya Rokoko II Bra£29.99

Gracya Glow Bra

Gracya Glow Bra£27.99

Roza Essme Push up Bra

Roza Essme Push up Bra£29.99   £26.99

Cream White

Roza Fifii  Push up Bra

Roza Fifii Push up Bra£29.99   £26.99

Black Cream White

Roza Euterpe Bra

Roza Euterpe Bra£25.99


Black White

Roza Fifii Soft Cup Bra

Roza Fifii Soft Cup Bra£27.99   £25.99


Black Cream White

Roza Penelope Bra

Roza Penelope Bra£27.99   £25.99

Gracya Rokoko Bra

Gracya Rokoko Bra£22.99

Roza Nefretete Bra

Roza Nefretete Bra£24.99   £22.99

Black White

Roza Solaris Bra

Roza Solaris Bra£24.99   £22.99

Black White

Gracya Lucy Bra

Gracya Lucy Bra£18.99


Cream White

Ballerina 255 Hold up stockings

Ballerina 255 Hold up stockings£12.99

Ballerina 110 Tights

Ballerina 110 Tights£12.49

Ballerina 114 Tights

Ballerina 114 Tights£12.49

Ballerina 118 Tights

Ballerina 118 Tights£12.49

Ballerina 120 Hold up stockings

Ballerina 120 Hold up stockings£12.49

Gabriella Calze Meryl 224 Hold Ups

Gabriella Calze Meryl 224 Hold Ups£9.99   £8.99

Black White

Gabriella Calze Exclusive 201

Gabriella Calze Exclusive 201£7.49


Black Cream White

Gabriella Calze 200

Gabriella Calze 200£6.99


Black Cream White

Gabriella Calze Lux 202

Gabriella Calze Lux 202£6.49

Black Cream White

Gabriella Calze Nina 210

Gabriella Calze Nina 210£6.99   £5.49

Black Cream White


Page 1 of 1:    53 Items

Wedding and Honeymoon lingerie with stockings  to match from Gabriella. Traditional, low backed, strapless, or convertible.