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Summer 2016 Newsletter from Caressa

Friday, 15 July 2016  |  Caressa


Although it is now July for those of us in Britain and much of Northern Europe Summer has not yet arrived, but has been replaced by a season of rain, floods and low temperatures.  So to help you bring a bit of summer into your life we have put together a collection of bras, knickers and nightwear in fresh summer colours.
Roza Caryca Mint Soft Cup Bra Irall Grace Blue Nightdress Gracya Eau lazur Bra and Thong
Roza Caryca Mint Bra Irall Grace Blue Nightdress Gracya Eau Lazur
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Brexit Bra Bargains

  The pound has fallen  since the referendum result making everything cheaper for our customers overseas.  Take advantage of this by buying soon before the cost to us rises and we have to put our prices up for the first time in five years.  

Competition Result

The winner of the April competition was Mrs CM from Scotland who won a £50 voucher for correctly identifying that we sold 78 different lines of Irall Nightwear.

Loyalty Points
As a little reward for our regular customers we have increased the value of your loyalty - for the rest of this month they will be worth 10p for each point- so if you have 200 points this is £20 off your next order

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