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Lingerie or chocolate?

Friday, 19 July 2013  |  Caressa
Lingerie or Chocolate?

Jilly Norman, lingerie blogger and underwear style queen, writes this exclusively for Caressa:

People ask me whether I am now bored of seeing lingerie after all this time, of reviewing it or writing about it, as though I worked in a sweet shop and having gorged upon my fill of toffees, chocolate and other yummy sugary treats, I should now retire, creeping away, heavy of heart and stomach for a nice sit down and a cup of tea.

But lingerie is not confectionery. Confectionery is a short-term fix, a sweet indulgence easily sated and the pleasing sensation of its savouring turning slowly to nausea the more one indulges.

Lingerie ever inspires me, delights and fascinates me, for the simple reason that it is so firmly tied into my ideas of self, my understanding of femininity and my desires to look good, feel powerful and ooze (hopefully) sexiness and on the odd occasion display the aura of a  vampish seductrix.

New designs and new items, new designers and fabrics are constantly, will constantly come to market. All it can take is one glorious design and I am immediately transported back through the years to the first young, fresh times I discovered the heady power that lay in lingerie.

Recently, a couple of sets have so blown me away in gossamer heavenliness that I lay almost breathless with their sheer beauty.

Roza Alegra
Firstly, Roza Alegra- Oh. My. God. The deep, lush suspender belt, the classy, luxury floral design, the cream and purple colours swirling in my mind, in my heart, so deep inside the core of me, it has almost made me cry at times when writing descriptions for it online.

 This is exactly the reason why I can never, ever, not ever become tired of lingerie- for it is a direct line, a lace thread, a golden beribboned heartstring straight to my soul.






The other collection that has taken my eyes and the rest of my senses is the Rokoko collection by Grayca.Gracya Rokoko II At first glance, you may be forgiven for thinking it is a pretty, but perhaps uncomplicatedly plain collection. But life, surely, has taught you that first glances are not reliable measures of truth, wisdom, beauty and nobility.

Like its namesake,(Rococo) it is an ornate wonder, whose treasures are wholly revealed to you, the more that you look upon it. Deliciously feminine, adorned with passion, Rokoko allows you to luxuriate in utter finery.





Alegra and Rokoko are but two examples of what awaits you when you decide that it is time for you to shine inside and out, when how you feel as a woman is matched by the most beautiful underthings and they and you are to be celebrated and kept special.

 Jilly Norman's regular blog can be found at an on twitter @jillysfrillies