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Groan - not another Black Friday Sale

Thursday, 26 November 2015  |  Caressa
Groan - not another Black Friday Sale
If that is your reaction we could not agree with you more, We would much prefer this whole "event" went away, However while it is here we do not much choice but to join in, although we taking a bit of a different stance on it.

We are offering 20% off everything provided it comes only in black!

Have a look at what that means at

Hush Hush

The stunning Hush Hush collection of stockings and tights from Ballerina is now at Caressa.

Tantalising tights that give lie to their boring tag. Seductive show off stockings.

Unique, elegant and sexy.

  Ballerina 308 tights  

Coming Soon
The amazing Roza Mehendi


A unique design inspired by Indian henna art. In stock from Monday

Roza Mehendi