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Are you happy with the shape you are in?

Monday, 17 June 2013  |  Caressa
If you have never tried any body shaping or control products, you might be a bit  wary.  You probably have an image of the uncomfortable and seemingly unflattering products of the old days.  However, shapewear products are more comfortable and more flattering than ever. 

Innovation and technology are used to create shapewear products that really work .  The products are designed to properly smooth out any bumps and to help flatter any flab.  Some of the old styles of shapewear would help to conceal problems areas in one section of your body, while creating excess bumps and bulges in other areas.  This is no longer the case. They are made in such a way that they will make the targeted area of your body look better without making other areas of your body look worse as these images of a Control Body short show:

Control body push up short Control body push up short Control body push up short

Caressa are delighted to announce that we now selling the Control Body range of shapewear.


Control Body specialises in comfortable and effective shaping products. Made in Italy, each model is made from high quality materials and is designed for a perfect fit. 

Control Body Basic is seamless and designed for everyday use. Control Body Plus is light and perfect to wear during the summer. Control Body Active is infused with Aloe, Caffeine and Vitamin E to keep the skin soft and refreshed. Control Body Gold is a wide range of classic designs for that perfect fit. Control Body Silver brings the added quality of silver ions to the shaping system.

Each item has several images explaining the product, and which range it is in. Full use and fitting instructions are supplied with the item